This week’s deep thoughts

June 23, 2007

I’ll never forget the time we were at the beach and we buried uncle Joe in the sand.  Boy did we get in trouble!It turns out you can’t bury people at the beach—just at the cemetery. 

I think the most beautiful sunset I ever saw…..was on page 4&5 in the sunset book.

Life is funny, one minute you are a little kid running through a medow and the next you are an old man walking  thorugh a medow with dogs chasing you. 

When you are ten years old and a car drives by and splashesyou, it is hard to decide whether you should go to school thatway or go home and change, so while he was trying to decide….I drove by and splashed him again.  

When I die I don’t mind if wild animals eat me, but while I am still alive…… just licks please.   

Joe knew that no one had ever crossed the desert on foot and lived to tell about it, so he got back in his car and kept driving


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