Three Pronged Attack

September 21, 2007

Like my dad I am somewhat of a health junkie as far as reading lots of books about health and loosing weight. I would like to provide cliffnotes of some of the most important things i have learned. Everything I have read agrees on three top points that I wanted to share with cyberspace. The top three things to do to lose weight in order are:

1. Manage blood sugar level: bottom line feed your body every two 2 -3 hours small portions.  Your brain tells your body to stop storing the fat for future because it is getting what it needs. 

2. Increase metabolism- by doing 3 things 1.  interval cardio workouts (30 seconds intense, 1 minute normal repeat 6-10 times)–increases metabolism for up to 24 hrs so you are burning a higher number of calories while you rest. 2. Weight lifting increases metabolism for up to 48 hrs. 3. Eating first thing in the morning jump starts metabolism for the day as it switches your body in the burning mode rather than storng mode–as it has been starving all night and is storing calories as fat to protect itself.  

3. The greatest combatant to fat is muscle.  Gain muscle through weight training because calories go to muscle first before being stored. For every pound of muscle 50 calroies more burned each day maintaining that muscle.  (5 pounds of muscle more =250 calories more burned a day) 

There are some other thoughts that I would like to share in the upcomming days.  These three strategies if used in concert are extremely effective.    




3 Responses to “Three Pronged Attack”

  1. kira Says:

    I love seeing you all fired up! 🙂 Thanks for dragging my sorry behind out of bed to do sit ups this morning.

  2. andrewalma Says:

    It’s good to see you’ve re-entered the blogging world so we can enjoy your wisdom on all things health related. Dad would be proud.

  3. Vicki Says:

    Hey, I like that 3 pronged attack idea. I’ve done well today and appreciate your advice and counsel.

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