Rivalry week.

November 18, 2007

Great to see the Cougars finally crack the top 25. Well, this is the week.  Finally rivalry week is here and I am excited to bash with my Utah-fan friends.  I was looking through the stats and from the 1920s to the 1960s Utah dominated the rivalry winning almost every game. Then in the 1970s-1980 BYU dominated winning almost every game. Then in the 1990s it is split 5 to 5. So far in the 2000 it is 4 to 3 in Utah’s favor so we have to win Saturday to even it out–4 to 4. I think the two teams are more evenly matched then I have ever seen them this year. Both almost identical win/loss records and both with a 7 game win streak. I always hope BYU kills Utah like they did in 1989 70-31, but the last 10 years (except 2004) have been determined by 7 points or fewer. I love close games with any other teams playing, but when it is BYU I want total domination. I thought we would get that last year since we dominated everyone else, but Utah always plays their best game against us, so I never know what to think. I am predicting a show-down and a very intense game where I am standing the whole time and sweating bullets. This year it is likely to come down to the last play of the game like it did the last 2 years. While I am worried I think that BYU will be the last one standing–because Max Hall is a fierce competitor. Go cougs. Lets trip the “running utes”!


4 Responses to “Rivalry week.”

  1. kira Says:

    whoo hoo! go cougars! Can’t wait for the game. I love your passion!

  2. andrewalma Says:

    This one is certainly exciting. I might actually even watch this one, provided I can figure out what channel it’s on. Last year’s game was incredible, and the Utes are going to be HUNGRY for a win.

    Have a good time!

  3. Vicki Says:

    Hey, I enjoyed the stats you shared, and I’m sure hoping the Cougars prevail!!

  4. andrewalma Says:

    Aaron, time to post something new!!! 🙂

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