In high school (my glory days) they called me Lambo.

So now ten years later, the glory days are long gone.  Since those days I was a missionary in Bolivia where I survived the wrath of several parasites and other third-world adventures. I then  graduated from BYU( with a family science major) where I met,  fell in love with, and–several dozen flowers– later, conviced a pretty country girl Kira Walker to take a chance on me.        

     She is still taking that chance on me as I have switched jobs trying to figure out what I wanted to be.  I have had jobs as an opera singer, seminary teacher, and now am working for the State of Utah while I save up to go back to get a masters of HR at Utah State.  We are poor but happy.   51/2 years of marriage later we have two kids: a girl and a boy.  What I don’t get is how I ended up with the gut and Kira looks so good after 2 kids.  Isn’t it supposed to be reversed?  Now that my physique has faded people just call me Aaron. 

     When I am not working, I am mostly spending time with my cute wife and kids teaching our 2 year old songs and scriptures, taking her swimming, helping her hold her guinea pigs–without strangling them, or reading and playing with her.   Whatever little time is left over after that I am either cleaning(since I am particular about liking things clean) recording songs, playing the guitar, or of course for those who know me watching a good movie or TV series.           


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