Here are the top 5 coolest things in my opinion. 

Best books

Kira and I are on our 3 time around reading them together.  They are so good.  We have dressed up, waited in the lines, and stayed up all night reading when they first come out.  The 7th book arrival will be no different we are HUGE FANS.    

Best restaurant

CAFE RIO.  We can never get enough.  I could eat there everyday.  We love their food so much that we have it down to a science when to go to miss the long lines.  We have probably gotten 15 free meals since we have been married—(free meal with after 10 meals).  

Best TV show

By far the best TV show I have ever seen.  I can’t put my finger on what exactly makes it so good, but it has the “it” factor and is riveting.  We have seen every episode every made and can’t wait to find out what will happen. 

Best Sport/Team—Cougar Football

     Unlike many guys I really don’t care about most of the sports.  I couldn’t care less about baseball, basketball, golf, but come football season I am a fanatic.  I can’t get enough of college football.  BYU cougar football has been my favorite pastime since I was 10.  I love to read all the stats and do my own analysis.  Kira and I have season tickets this year we even forked out the dough for our two year old, so Cougars you better awesome again this year! 

     Coach Mendenhal has become one of my heros.  He runs the football program like a mission.  He pairs them up in companionships, he has them write him a weekly letter, they do a certain number of service hours each week as a team, and they do a fireside where they all sing and some star players give talks and bear thier testimonies.  The team has gone from 3 returned missionaries to 71 out of 100 team members.  He has raised the bar and his players are rising to the challenge.        

Best music groups

   Il divo is a group of 4 classical singers singing familiar pop songs in 4 part harmony.  I love the classical sound and the harmony–so when I heard about them I was immediately interested.  I am a big fan now.  My favorite genre is probably pop-opera                                                               


Then there is Coldplay that was the favorite group of most of my seminary students.  To avoid looking out-dated I listened to them and actually really like them–either that or I am just saying that because I still desperately want to be cool.:)  To me Coldplay is to the teenagers today what U2 was to my graduating class.    


Hi I’m Aaron

June 4, 2007

In high school (my glory days) they called me Lambo.

So now ten years later, the glory days are long gone.  Since those days I was a missionary in Bolivia where I survived the wrath of several parasites and other third-world adventures. I then  graduated from BYU( with a family science major) where I met,  fell in love with, and–several dozen flowers– later, conviced a pretty country girl Kira Walker to take a chance on me.        

     She is still taking that chance on me as I have switched jobs trying to figure out what I wanted to be.  I have had jobs as an opera singer, seminary teacher, and now am working for the State of Utah while I save up to go back to get a masters of HR at Utah State.  We are poor but happy.   51/2 years of marriage later we have two kids: a girl and a boy.  What I don’t get is how I ended up with the gut and Kira looks so good after 2 kids.  Isn’t it supposed to be reversed?  Now that my physique has faded people just call me Aaron. 

     When I am not working, I am mostly spending time with my cute wife and kids teaching our 2 year old songs and scriptures, taking her swimming, helping her hold her guinea pigs–without strangling them, or reading and playing with her.   Whatever little time is left over after that I am either cleaning(since I am particular about liking things clean) recording songs, playing the guitar, or of course for those who know me watching a good movie or TV series.