Rivalry week.

November 18, 2007

Great to see the Cougars finally crack the top 25. Well, this is the week.  Finally rivalry week is here and I am excited to bash with my Utah-fan friends.  I was looking through the stats and from the 1920s to the 1960s Utah dominated the rivalry winning almost every game. Then in the 1970s-1980 BYU dominated winning almost every game. Then in the 1990s it is split 5 to 5. So far in the 2000 it is 4 to 3 in Utah’s favor so we have to win Saturday to even it out–4 to 4. I think the two teams are more evenly matched then I have ever seen them this year. Both almost identical win/loss records and both with a 7 game win streak. I always hope BYU kills Utah like they did in 1989 70-31, but the last 10 years (except 2004) have been determined by 7 points or fewer. I love close games with any other teams playing, but when it is BYU I want total domination. I thought we would get that last year since we dominated everyone else, but Utah always plays their best game against us, so I never know what to think. I am predicting a show-down and a very intense game where I am standing the whole time and sweating bullets. This year it is likely to come down to the last play of the game like it did the last 2 years. While I am worried I think that BYU will be the last one standing–because Max Hall is a fierce competitor. Go cougs. Lets trip the “running utes”!


Thoughts about blogs

June 16, 2007

     Have you ever heard an acronym several times but really don’t know what it means, yet you are way past the point of asking someone and it’s not like you can look it up in a dictionary.  It happens with names all the time.  Someone at work: “hey Aaron” and I am like “hey!” (lots of entusiasm so they don’t catch on.)    Then you try to be clever and sneaky so you say “let see, how do you spell you name again?”  They respond with a weird look “D…A…N.”  then to cover your stupidity you lie “yeah, I know a Dan who spells it with two Ns — just wanted to make sure. ”  At that point you just want to gag yourself.  

When people ask me how do you spell Aaron,  I either say “e..r..r..a..n..d” in jest or say “just like it is spelled in the Book of Mormon.” It is a great opener for talking about the gospel.  🙂  

Anyway, I had heard the word “blog” a lot, but I never knew exactly what it was.  Then my brother Matt emailed telling us that his wife Elizabeth had started one.  Being an English major, he defined the word: “a blog is a contraction between the word web and log.”  Thanks Matt for disabusing me of my long held notion that a blog was some sort of spherical substance that ate everything in it’s path.  If that were the case,  I would have forbid Kira from starting a blog, at lease not with our kids around.           

 (Note: Large vocabulary words used above to overshadow my ignorance)

Well, Kira and I decided that we don’t need to spend time talking anymore–we can just read each other’s blogs.  I’ll get home and askdscn0964.jpg “how was you day?” In response she will just point to the computer so all I have to do is walk over to the computer, turn it on, pull up the internet, log on to her page, find the most recent blog, and read the words “I had a good day.” It is so much easier then traditional communication.  🙂

 But seriously it is fun to read my wife’s blog I learn new things about her.


It is funny how our blog stats look like an economic market chart.  I can’t help but feel that somehow I am losing money when my blog stats are in a “bear market.” ( falling).  Its funny I always mix up the bull and bear markets.  They both seem formidable.  When I see a rising market, I think “oh that is a bull market” and then I think “no wait,  bulls are bad(they impale people) so that can’t be it.” They just need to change it.  I think they should change it to a Dove market and a Voldemort market.  That way there is no question which is good and which is bad.  How about it economists?  Harry Potter is big enough you could probably get a way with it.  Unless of coarse Voldemort has a change of heart, turns over a new leaf in book 7, and becomes the hero.         


The latest as of June

June 9, 2007

Well, yesterday I discovered that Big Bird is actually a guy.  It kind of freaked me out.  After a lifetime of believing Big Bird was a female it kind of shocked my very core. 


Amist sesame street watching I also realized that Elmo and I have something in common, and no it is not hairiness.  If there is a melody we can’t sit still, we both have to harmonize.  After I heard him harmonizing correctly he won my respect and got my vote as the main character to entertain Lanette.   I used to be a huge Cookie Monster fan, but I have found that I am irritated by his misuse of the first person  and his one dimensional thought process ie “me want cookies”        


In other news there is a great book that I have been reading, so far I have enjoyed it.  It is now in paperback, so half price.  Lanette just saw this picture on here and shouted “Daddy’s book” which is pretty accurate unfortunately Kira will read 10 -20 books in the time it takes me to finish the one, so my book becomes very familiar to her since it is out for months.     

Speaking of books I don’t know if I should be worried, but Kira is now reading a book entitled “Finding Mr. Right”  I’m not sure if she wanted to confirm that she had actually found him (or if she should still be looking ha ha).  It is kind of ironic and comical to see a married woman reading a book with that title.  She assured me that it was a fiction novel not and not a self-help book.   We had a good laugh.      

     The other day I authorized benefits for a woman who had 4 children from 4 different men and has a new boyfriend.  At what point does a person figure it out?  It was sickening to see this precious gift so throroughly abused and conversely see amazing LDS couples who would give anythng and have paid thousands of dollars to have kids into their wonderful gospel-centered homes yet are not given that opportunity in this life.  

     Personally I would love to bring as many spirits to our home as we possibly can.  We can offer them so much since we have the restored gospel and a safe, stable home with parents who love each other and the Lord.  Children are the greatest source of happiness.  I made a paper airplane for Lanette this morning and a couple minutes later she came up to me and gave me a little kiss on the cheek and said thank you.   It is so worth it!  

Well I got to go make breakfast!